Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Just Fed Up With Your Old Dinning Cloths

Here i am gonna give you new idea how to reuse it and make it a new piece

Things you need 

 1 . Paint brush
 2. Fabric paints (If you have stamp inks you can use it too)
 3.Stamps or Fruits ( Stamps you can find them in the picture) 
Now follow the steps 

Step 1 :   Take your old dinning cloth
Step 2 :  Stamp ink and Stamps 
            If you are going to use stamp inks and stamps then choose your own stamps use the stamp inks and 
     just print it on your cloth (you can use fabric paint in the place of stamp ink but just use paint brush apply 
            paint on stamp and print it on the cloth)
Step 3 : Fabric paints and Fruits 
Take your paint brush  apply paint to  fruit (you need to cut the fruit just see the picture) then print it on the
Step 4 : For more decoration you can use old lace, ribbon , beads to decorate your dinning cloth use (glue or stitch them)
                     You can use this procedure on any of your old blankets or cushion covers 
this is my choice whats your choice ?
                                              Have a nice day :)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Seashells & buttons

     Things you need :)

  1. Sea Shells
  2. Thick thread or Ribbon
  3.  Shirt buttons
  4. Hot glue or Fevicol
    step 1 : Take a thick thread some seashells and buttons
    step 2 : Then just apply some hot glue to sea shells and buttons stick them to the thread or ribbon 
    step 3 :  Hang them to your wall or curtain rods   

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Recycle your old candle at home

HI everyone i just love to make candles and craft them too here is simple idea for you how to recycle a candle 
                            Things you need .Go get them fast 
  1. Old candles (color candles )
  2. Transparent glass one 
  3. Candle wrick
  4.  Fragrance oil (optional)
  5. Grating plate (don't use the regular grating plate use old one in your kitchen)
Now start your work 
step 1 : Take old colored candle & start grating it 
step 2 : Fill the old glass with the grated candle and fix the wrick
step 3 : Pour some fragrance oil into it 

  Voila your candle is ready and you can  use more of the ideas presented  in this blog to make it more beautiful .

Monday, 22 July 2013

Old bottles and glass jars

step 1: Things you need

1. old glass pots,bottle etc 
2.  paint brush 
 3. palette
4. fabric paint ( color depend on your choice)
you can fill the coloured bottle or glass with flowers , mud and plants, any thing its up to you 


Out with the old? No way! If you're looking for a clever way to reuse those old incandescent light bulbs as you switch to newer, more eco-friendly models, try turning those energy-suckers into a beautiful way to enjoy the beauty of nature right in your own home.

Step 1: Pop the top

On the tip of the lightbulb, you'll see a small silver- or brass-colored disk. Use your tweezers to gently pry this piece away from the bulb. Once it's up a bit, you can use the tweezers or a pair of pliers to pull it off, exposing a small hole in the black cap underneath.
Once the disk is removed, you'll need to expose the insides of the bulb. The black part under the metal disk is not metal or plastic, but glass. Carefully insert the point of a precision screwdriver into the hole and twist and pry until the black glass snaps. Do this over a plastic bag for easy cleanup. How it snaps can be unpredictable (sometimes it may snap in half and other times it may shatter). Either way, continue with the prying and twisting until you've removed all the glass.

Step 2: Insides out

Once you remove all the black glass, you'll notice more glass tubes and small wires on the inside. Use the screwdriver and/or pliers to gently break this apart and remove all the glass and wires from the inside.
On some bulbs, you may have to pry the metal surrounding the opening to accomplish this (and it can always be squeezed back into place using the pliers), but try to avoid that, as those edges can be sharp.
Dump the insides of the bulb onto your work surface until your bulb is completely empty. You may need to rinse the leftover shards of glass out of the bulb.

Step 3: Decorate and place

Believe it or not, you're almost done! If you plan to hang your vase, tie a piece of twine around the silver cap securely. If you plan to place it on a desk, table or other surface, you can repurpose an old plastic bottle lid by painting it and setting it flat-side down on the table (the curve of the bulb will fit nicely into the empty lid). What size lid you need depends on what size bulb you have.
Then, simply fill your bulb vase with water and put in your favorite flowers. Depending on the size of your bulb, it will probably look best with only a few short flowers. You can also skip the water and pop in a dried bloom. We've even seen some dirt, rock and greenery-filled terrariums!